Timeshare Ownership Increases

Timeshare ownership started in the early 1970’s and has continued to grow as the most recent report from ARDA shows as verified by Ernst and Young. Although it seems the recent recession had some affect on the timeshare industry as a whole with sales volume slowing and the resale prices dropping, timeshare ownership and sales are now growing and stronger than ever.   As we at All Islands Timeshare Resales have always professed, if you have a timeshare ownership, you will travel and go no matter what happens in your life.  This held true after 9/11 when airfare and hotel rooms had a major decline.  Timeshare properties in Hawaii still ran high occupancy as timeshare owners did not cancel their trips.  Timeshare occupancy in Hawaii averaged 83.5%, which is higher than hotel occupancy most of the year.     Timeshare owners will go, enjoy their vacation with family and friends as they are prepaid for the year’s trip.  Many timeshare owners look at their ownership as vacation insurance.

All Islands Timeshare Resales has had many timeshare owners return to their home resort in Hawaii and have purchased additional weeks to stay at their second home longer.  Many owners will bring friends or family members, who will also purchase a timeshare for their vacations loving the space and convenience of staying in a fully furnished condominium.   

All Islands Timeshare Resales has sold every timeshare project in the State of Hawaii and very versed on every aspect of each timeshare property.  We welcome your questions on any timeshare property and look forward to finding the best and right timeshare property for you and your family.

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