New Timeshare Segment of the PBS program “In America”

I found this segment very interesting and informational about timeshare vacation ownership. The segment aired on PBS and hope to see again:

James Earl Jones will host a new segment of the program, IN AMERICA, that delves into timeshares. Previously relegated to late night fodder, today, timeshares enjoy a welcome resurgence. Many people — from families to singles and couples — see timeshares as one part real estate asset and one part vacation retreat for their whole family or a select group of friends.

Because the majority of timeshares are located in resort areas or locales that feature a significant tourist population, they are popular as a way to enjoy a vacation every year — rent free. The segment will fill viewers in on a bit of the history behind timeshares as well as highlight some of the most popular timeshare spots in the country. Guests on this segment include an executive with a timeshare management company, a typical consumer who utilizes their timeshare for their vacation each year and an expert who shares some top tips for finding the right timeshare.

Independently produced, IN AMERICA is distributed to PBS stations across the United States and is not produced or affiliated with PBS or APT.

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