Marriott Acquiring Starwood Hotel Division

Several mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs within the timeshare industry have occurred within the past several years and recently in 2015. Projections by timeshare developers with the expansion of timeshare projects indicate the industry is looking forward to brisk sales in 2016, which will continually have vacationers looking at the timeshare resale market. More and more timeshare owners are discovering the resale market is the true market value and considerable savings when considering a timeshare purchase.

The Vacation industry is constantly changing and growing as witnessed by the acquisition of Starwood Hotels by Marriott International. Although mergers and acquisitions within the hotel and timeshare divisions of major hotel brands have occurred in the past several years, most timeshare owners report no change in use or ownership with some timeshare owners finding further enhancements.   Most timeshare owners within the Starwood and Marriott timeshare associations feel the hotel merger will not affect their timeshare vacations.

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