How Do I Price My Timeshare For Sale?

One of the primary benefits of using a real estate broker to list your timeshare for sale is getting the research necessary to list your timeshare at a competitive, sellable price. Overpricing your interval is a losing proposition.. Overpriced intervals won’t sell. Unlike in the housing market, where every listing has significant differences, there will be many timeshare intervals from the same resort identical to what you own on the market at any time. What will make your interval more attractive to a potential purchaser than the others?

Having a professional entity skilled in the marketing of intervals such as yours is a significant first step. All Island Timeshare Resales has that capability for owners of timeshare intervals located on all the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and the Big Island of Hawaii. We have been selling intervals statewide since 1992. We have had sales in ‘most every timeshare project in the state. We know the history of pricing on specific intervals. We also know the histories of the majority of the individual resorts.

Many potential sellers tell us on the first contact that they won’t take less for their timeshare than they paid for it. Unfortunately, they bought the interval from the developer rather than on the resale market. At the time that they bought from the developer, usually an established resale market was underway.

The price in a resale transaction is by definition the actual “market price” of the interval. Market Price is the price in a transaction where the buyer and seller negotiate a price and close a sale with no undue influence. Market price is always lower than the developer’s price.

In the recent years, many of the developers don’t allow you to transfer at resale many of the incentives which prompted you to buy from them in the first place. This fact alone has a significant negative impact on resale pricing.   The significantly lower prices on older timeshare intervals in older resort is competitively hard to overcome.

As the resorts get older, so too do many of the owners. Older owners find that they are travelling less as time passes, and no longer want their timeshare. They are more realistic about pricing when the time to sell arrives. When the number of intervals in the marketplace exceeds the demand for them, the prices start to slide downward. We have been seeing this more so since the recession in 2009.

A major benefit of listing with All Islands Timeshare Resales is that we have sold thousands of timeshare intervals. We constantly receive inquiries form our former clients, their families and friends.

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